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EPC Project Development – EPC PD

Are you looking for an EPC sales and business development partner under Korean EPC projects in the international market?

We, JKDG’s EPC PD Department, are a professional EPC service provider in sales and business development with Korean EPC companies based in Seoul, Korea and Dubai, UAE and can be your Representative as a professional Sales & Business Development partner working closely with Korean EPCs here in their HQ, Korea.


We have been working for more than 10 years’ experience in this market and currently have some of mega projects for our clients all over the world, especially in Abu Dhabi, UAE since 2010 and we are a professional service provider in a field of Oil & Gas, Power Plant and Infrastructure including SOC and Construction mainly along with a number of mega projects under Korean EPC contractors for many years.

In terms of EPC contractor in O&G industries, especially under Korean EPC related business, we have had a number of experience for sales & business development in different countries including Korea, Kazakhstan, KSA, UAE and any other GCC countries.

However, for strategic sales and business development through a number of relationship in a field of O&G, power plant and EPC contractors, we would like to extend more opportunities in practice for our clients participating with mega projects via business relationship along with major Korean EPC as well as multinational EPC corporations, not only relationship with Korean contractors but also many experiences working with them.

We fully understand about up-to-dated and on-going market situation related with Korean EPC contractors in the international basis.

We create an opportunity for you and give you “Return On Invest” as a mutual partner in Korea. If you are looking for a partnership working with Korean EPC in their HQ level, we can be your representative in order to have the following services,


Our Service as a Representative for you


Meeting with Korean EPC contractors in the HQ, Korea as your Representative

Building up relationship with contractors for you

Technical Support and Feedback

Sales and Business Development Activity for Korean EPC’s mega projects

Regular report with follow up and project process

Support for RFQ, PQ, Quotation and feedback for all projects under Korean EPC
Collaboration for your tendering and bidding stage
Strong business relationship with most Korean EPC in HQ, Korea and all regions
Vender list registration to Korean EPC
On specification work for major projects


For more information, please contact us

Julian Kim


Sales and Business Development Proposal For You

Strategic Korean EPC Market Analysing
As of 2017 by JKDG


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