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David Vitalizer Dietary Drink - Made in Swiss

JKDG - International Trading & Business

JKDG, now we are working with David Vitalizer Drink, Made in Swiss, a dietary beverage for APAC regions based in Seoul, Korea.

Exclusive Swiss recipe for those in need of a dietary boost

People who lives extraordinary lives have stamina, focus and vitality. Thanks to its natural formula, DAVID is highly effective.

Start your day with DAVID!

We are looking for a channel distributor for Korean market.

We are also open to discuss with other Asian regions with investors, buyers, distributors and agents.

For APAC regions, we prefer the following regions,

* Priority Regions

1. Japan

2. Singapore

3. Hong Kong

4. Taiwan

5. China

6. Malaysia

7. Indonesia

8. Thailand

9. Vietnam

10. Philippine

11. Others

Plus, Russia, Kazakhstan and CIS

If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us. Strictly offer only for the serious partners.

JKDG - International Trading & Business

Julian Kim



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