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CHRE has made a collaboration with East To West Real Estate in Greece and now open its website

CHRE now introduce to our clients for Greek properties through ETW all over the world.


Welcome to our site and thank you for considering our assistance in your search to find spectacular possibilities. Based in Greece, East to West Real Estate serves as a unifying factor in matching extraordinary opportunity with the necessary tools to make it a reality. With over a decade of experience in the field, our realty specialists are equipped to guide you skillfully throughout all stages of your real estate journey, from start to finish! At East to West, we are passionate about delivering integrated, personalized, and discreet service to our clients. Our expert and professional agents are trained with integrity in order to provide the most satisfactory service possible. Contact us today for more details.


The full range of the company’s services includes brokering for rent and/or sale as well as renovations, valuations, and management of real estate property. Furthermore, the company offers to undertake terms, insurance, and legal protection in order to ensure the most service is provided. Finally, we offer additional service for investments and developments. Pricing estimates are available through our price inquiry form.


​East to West provides award winning Property Management. This service is ideal for property owners looking for a complete oversight of their real estate. Our account specialists develop content, estimate, and optimize the property’s value in order to attract the best buyers. Trained agents schedule showings with interested clients, conduct research and analysis, and provide strategic and tactical market plans. ​


​East to West’s team of experts represents the very best in the industry. Our access to the most current market information allows us to develop comprehensive building guides and innovative planning tactics. At East to West, consultants are readily available to provide you with project estimations, information, and bench marking regarding your renovation and development concerns. ​


​ ​Our Urban Development Team conducts market research in order to assess key performance indicators. At East to West, we construct competitive strategies in order to secure the best possible return based on the property’s features. Through a scheduled consultation, our investment specialists can inform you about all the added and potential value your real estate holds.

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