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Company Profile

Welcome to JK Development Group - JKDG 

We would first like to thank you for spending your precious time and we are very pleased to have this great opportunity to introduce our business.

JKDG, JK Development Group Co., Ltd is a business group of property development, investment and management, interior design & development, EPC project sales &development, digital network design and contents. JKDG also has a global network focused on those areas and based in Seoul, Korea and Dubai, UAE.


JKDG was established in Seoul, Korea in November 2000 (Former JSC) with the aim to provide a prestigious service for sophisticated international clients related to Korean business who wish to import and export abroad in particular, throughout the international trading market. JKDG was merged with CHRE from UAE in 2015 and now is a commercial group as “JKDG”, which also runs specific business area as follows,

PDI & F (Property Development, Investment & Finance) - CHRE Dubai

IDD (Interior Design and Development) - JJC Creative

EPC PS&D (EPC Project Sales & Development) - JKDG

ITB (International Trading and Business) - JKDG

DNDC (Digital Network Design and Contents) - Tubiz

We have already been doing our business with over 100 overseas and domestic clients through our thorough “Get-Together With” service to various our clients such as a small business company up to the multi-national corporation level that are all co-operated after client's consideration. 

Therefore, over 100 clients have already successfully completed their business with us and now are still working in the main stream in various fields of industry or continuing further business with us in Korea and throughout the world. The principal consideration of our ‘Get-Together With’ service which is run by our professionals who once had a great result in their academic research and professional fields in practice before is to choose the most appropriate business consulting for the client's required target with us. This discreet criterion of our business policy with client has greatly contributed to the success of our clients’ satisfaction. 

JKDG has been actively involved in business with many reliable global corporations most notably under mutually privileged and favourable conditions. Moreover, JKDG is also proud of being the official representatives of prestigious corporations as a mutual partner.

Hence, in the short run, if you are interested in working with us, we will be glad to have a discussion about it in any aspect. In the long run, we are more eager to be in alliance with prestigious and reliable corporations so as to work together in good faith for the creation of reciprocal interest.

Thus, if you are interested in our business or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you again.

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